Two guys in a field looking at a laptop talking about services and supplies.

Your investment in the ADF Milking system is at the heart of your milking operation and reliability is essential. Like any machinery operating in demanding conditions, maintenance and servicing is recommended to keep everything in the best working condition.

With our extensive network of qualified service technicians, you can be certain that no matter where your farm is located, an ADF Milking certified trained technician is close to hand. All our technicians have undergone rigorous training and are experienced in supporting all makes and types of milking equipment. They carry stock of all the essential spare parts so that repairs can be carried out without fuss or delay.

Most issues can be solved quickly by a call to our Service Desk. The ADF Milking system has remote access technical support capability making diagnostic testing even easier and faster. If a service appointment is needed our Customer Service team will arrange that for you.

Have total peace of mind with the ADF Continuous Supply Programme (CSP) that delivers all the consumables you need and includes regular scheduled on-site maintenance servicing. All parts are covered by our lifetime manufacturer warranty so there are no hidden costs.

Regular servicing by a trained technician will give you years of stress-free operation and gold standard reliability – saving you money in the long term.



The total consumables and service programme from ADF Milking – clear pricing and stress-free simplicity.

All the supplies you need:

  • ADF inflations
  • ADF injectors
  • Teat dip
  • Peracetic acid disinfectant

Total peace of mind:

  • Full maintenance with scheduled servicing
  • Lifetime warranty on parts
  • Regular monthly payments
  • Fixed term pricing is also available