ADF Milking system milking a dairy cow on a rotary dairy parlour


Teats are dipped and inflations are rinsed at the right time, every time. Enjoy the benefits of automatic dipping and rinsing with ADF Milking.

Erect ADF Milking yellow cluster

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Drawing of the yellow ADF Milking Cluster


Sanitized inflations presented in correct orientation, ready for milking.

Drawing of how it works when venting a cow teat


As the vacuum is shut off, teat dip is injected into a manifold on the claw piece.

Drawing of the Dipping in a ADF Milking Shell


Dip is applied to the teat at the optimum angle using Dual Injection technology.

Drawing of a teat with teat dip on


Teat is dipped and protected within seconds of milking being completed before exposure to harmful contagions in the environment.

Drawing of how it works when flushing the ADF Milking cluster


After removal every inflation is sanitized and thoroughly rinsed six times ready for the next cow.

Here at ADF Milking we can help you save money on vet bills and improve the quality of your milk. Contact us now to arrange a farm visit and we’ll provide you with a report detailing all the savings you could make when you install the ADF automated post-milking hygiene system.


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