Stuart Burr - Farmer

Stuart Burr from Northview Estate Farm in Tasmania is thrilled with the ADF System on his dairy farm.


Stuart Burr from Northview Estate Farm in Tasmania is thrilled with the ADF System on his dairy farm. He installed the ADF System in July 2018 on his 40 point swing over parlor. His motivations behind installing ADF were for time management and labor efficiency.

“We wanted to make it possible for one operator to be in the dairy on their own at any time, and do a good job. We also wanted to ensure that all of our cows are getting sprayed properly,” says Stuart.  “Now that we can milk with just one person, it means that our other employees can be working elsewhere on the farm. We used to milk with 2 people, but ADF has given us the flexibility we wanted, and means that we could do the job well.”

He loves the ADF System and would recommend it to other farmers. “It’s a good, easy to operate system with lots of benefits to farmers in different ways. It just depends what you are trying to achieve. The cows like it, our employees like it, and it works well with our milking system. If our employees are happy and comfortable then we know they’ll do a good job at milking.”

Stuart originally saw ADF Milking at Agfest in Tasmania a few years ago when we were exhibiting with one of our dealers Agri Tech. He heard through other farmers the benefits that they had seen with ADF, and so he decided to make it part of his plans to improve his dairy farm.

“We were doing a large upgrade to our milking shed – we were going from 27 units to 40 units, and installing the ADF system was part of our overall dairy upgrade.” Northview Estate Farm now has 420 cows, with plans to increase herd size this year, and has a 40/40 herringbone milking shed.

“Our Technical Sales Manager Craig was excellent when he came and installed it, and he is very proactive. He came back one month after installation to check that everything was working and to see how we were getting on. It was working just like it should. The aftersales team are great too. We’ve had no problems with the system whatsoever,” says Stuart.

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