The Pastink Family - Henria Holsteins

“We like that it disinfects the milkers between each cow”

Pastink family - Henria Holsteins

Farm: Henria Holsteins Inc
Names: Henk, Maria, Gerrit & Reba Pastink
Parlor type: Rotary
Milking points: 50
Herd size: 600
Installation date: 01/11/2009

The Pastink family run their 3,200 acre farm milking 600 cows in Ontario, Canada, using the ADF System. Their farm, Henria Holsteins, was one of the first in Canada to install the ADF System back in 2009. 14 years later the Pastink family are still enjoying the benefits.

After installation, husband and wife team Henk and Maria were impressed with how the ADF System prevents cross contamination between milking clusters. “We really liked the part where it disinfects the milkers between each cow,” explains Henk. After removal the ADF System automatically rinses every inflation with a sanitized solution six times to prevent mastitis and bacteria being spread from one cow to the next. Dip is accurately applied to the cow’s teat immediately after milking, removing bacteria that may be present on the cow’s teats and preventing any pathogens from entering the teat canal and infecting the udder.

The prevention of cross contamination has helped the Pastink family to reduce bacteria levels in their milk and therefore improve milk quality. “Our current somatic cell count is 92, but we’ve seen it as low as 52 on a 600 cow herd. And we have very low cases of mastitis,” Maria says.

ADF yellow clusters on Henria Holsteins farm

The ADF System has also helped with labor saving within the milking parlor Henk explains. “The ADF System has saved us one man per milking because we don’t have to stand there with a teat cup,” he says. This has resulted in the herdsman enjoying the milking routine more. “They realise that they don’t have to be on the other side of the parlor dipping the cows post milking. So they’re very happy. Sometimes the best equipment you have is when you hardly notice it’s there,” explains Maria.

“The driving factor for installing the ADF System was the labor saving cost, but also putting the teat dip where we wanted it to go,” says Maria. “We didn’t like automated sprayers because of the amount of teat dip they use,” adds Henk.

Son Gerrit also raves about the Automatic Dipping & Flushing system. “The ADF System has been very reliable. The efficiency of having ADF for speed of the rotary verses a teat spray robot – the ADF can do it so much quicker,” he explains.

“It was definitely money well spent. ADF has saved us a lot of money over the years – we’ve had it for 14 years now – and we really can’t imagine not having it. We are very pleased with the product,” Maria summarises.

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