Two cows lying down in clan cow shed

Calmer Cows

Creating a calmer and quieter milking parlor can be beneficial to both farmer and their cows. Calmer cows have improved milk let-down benefiting both health and speed of milking. The automated post-milking hygiene system from ADF Milking creates a calmer milking parlor and therefore calmer cows.

ADF is unique in controlling vacuum present in the head of the inflation at the end of milking enabling exceptionally gentle cluster removal.

Cow Traffic

With ADF, cow traffic runs smoothly, maximizing throughput and milk let-down. By reducing the workload it allows operators more time to concentrate on milking cows and a consistent milking routine. Operators have more time available for pre-milking routine and cluster attachment.

Cow Comfort

Promoting cow comfort is a key way to ensure that the milking experience is not stressful for your cows. The gentle removal of each cluster on the ADF System means it is more comfortable for your cows. This aids more effective milk let-down and complete milk-out.

Improved Routine

Cows like routine and consistency. Installing the ADF Milking System will result in a calmer milking parlor environment with less operator stress, movement and workload.