“We have saved 365 hours per year in the parlour since the installation of ADF”

Dairy Farmers Matt and Deb Pye in their parlour with their ADF Jackets and yellow clusters explain how they have save time in their dairy parlour

The biggest benefit seen by The High Farm since installing ADF is that they have saved the use of a man in the parlour during milking and have saved 30-40 minutes per milking per day, totalling 365 hours per year.

Lancashire dairy farmers Matt and Deb Pye installed the ADF Automatic Dipping and Flushing System on their 32-point Herringbone parlour at The High Farm in October 2020, after having problems with their previous system causing slippage on their Jersey herd’s teats. The High Farm is currently milking a herd of 270 cows, twice a day.

Another benefit seen by Matt and Deb is cow comfort within the herd and zero slippage of the liner. “Our cows are so much quieter in the parlour and we have no kicking thanks to the gentle claw removal,” says Matt. “The units hold vacuum extremely well, so when you are putting the third and fourth teat on there, there is still the same vacuum as there was for teat one and two. I have only ever experienced units in the past which would lose vacuum, which means you have to hold the unit in place for a few seconds until the vacuum builds back up again. This helps to speed up the cow milking process,” explains Matt. “The milk let down is phenomenal,” adds Deb.

“We would recommend ADF to all dairy farmers far and wide and we would not contemplate milking without it.”

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