Smiley female farmer holding ADF Milking Cluster wearing blue gloves

The ADF Milking InVent system combines comfortable, stress-free milking with enhanced teat protection and faster, more complete milk-out.

The benefits:

  • Stress-free for both cows and milkers
  • Calmer cows with fewer kick-offs
  • Faster milk let down and shorter milking times
  • More complete milk-outs and higher yields
  • Gentler milking action on the teats

With ADF InVent’s intelligent-vacuum technology, each cow and each of her teats enjoys a comfortable, quiet, quick and complete, stress-free milking.

A comfortable, ‘calm’ and gentle experience in the parlour means milking speed and parlour throughput will be increased and cows will also milk out completely – giving higher milk yield, saving time and udder-health benefits.

Congestion in teats, typically caused by excessive vacuum at the mouth of the liner during milking, particularly immediately after cluster attachment and towards the end of milking, can reduce milking speed and milk yield. Even just a small swelling can significantly increase the risk of mastitis.

A stressful experience for the cow that releases adrenaline and this in turn blocks the secretion of oxytocin (the milk let-down hormone) and can slow milking further.

ADF InVent’s unique technology treats teats individually – controlling and optimising vacuum levels to keep within the “sweet spot” throughout milking. Milk flow increases and cows milk out more completely, which helps to protect udder health.

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