When did you last service your ADF System?

ADF Milking stall box being serviced by technician

The investment you have put into your ADF Milking System is at the heart of your milking operation and reliability is essential. Like any machinery operating in demanding conditions, maintenance and servicing is recommended to keep everything in the best working condition. Having your ADF Milking System regularly serviced by a trained technician can help to save you money.

Our ADF Milking approved dealerships can support all makes and types of milking equipment. They carry stock of all the essential spare parts so that repairs can be carried out without fuss or delay and to the same standard as originally fitted.

The main benefits of having your ADF System serviced are:

   Save money. Failing to service your ADF System at regular intervals to save a few dollars is a false economy. Routine servicing can help to identify and rectify any issues before they become costly and expensive to fix.

   It’s all about the cows. A well-maintained system will make for well-maintained cows. Routine servicing presents an opportunity to examine the system in detail and discover any areas that can be optimised to boost efficiency, ensuring that dip and flush are being applied to the right place at the right time.

   Longevity. If you look after your system, it will look after you! The milking shed can be a harsh environment at times and while our equipment is built to last, like all products, certain components will eventually wear out. Replacing perishable items during servicing provides the peace of mind that you won’t be caught out when you need the system most.

   Looking to the future. A scheduled visit by a trained technician is not just nuts and bolts. It’s an opportunity to discuss ideas and to notify you of any updates and improvements that could further enhance the performance of your system.

Contact your local ADF approved dealership now to arrange a service on your ADF System, or get in touch with us and our dedicated team will be happy to help.

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