Our team are very knowledgeable in the dairy industry and have years of experience working at ADF Milking. They are experts in their fields and they have written blog posts in their areas of expertise to give you an insight into what automatic dipping and flushing can do for the dairy industry and dairy farming. See a list of our experts and blog authors below.

Director & Founder

James Duke

James is the Director and Founder of ADF Milking and he has worked in the dairy industry all of his career. In 2003, he had the idea for an automatic dipping and flushing system for milking parlours, and the rest is history! His brilliant ideas and engineer knowledge led him to develop the product that we produce today.

James has a huge passion for the dairy industry and is our expert on; calmer milking, somatic cell count, milk quality, milking parlour efficiency, and proactive udder health.

UK & USA Sales Manager

Simon Goody

Simon has worked at ADF Milking since October 2010 and has worked in the dairy industry all of his career, since he was 16. He has experience in roles including Technical Support Engineer, Installation Manager and Production Manager.

Simon is an expert in UK sales and helps with blogs on; the benefits of the ADF System, agricultural events, farm visits, cow health and the dairy industry as a whole.

Head Engineer

Andy Moore

Andy started working at ADF in November 2016 as a young Graduate Engineer straight out of university. Andy grew up his family’s dairy farm and had been working on one of our Gold Cup Customers’ farms before he started, so he was already familiar with the ADF product.

Andy’s love for the dairy industry means he is passionate about ADF and how we can improve cow health and dairy farm profits.

Andy is our expert technician and makes helpful blog contributions on topics such as; servicing your ADF System, liners and teat dip, technical improvements and developments, and other milking machinery.

Senior R&D Engineer

Mark Steggell

Mark is our Senior R&D Engineer. Working in engineering since he was 17 years old, Mark has experience in areas including tool making, MRI scanners and electromagnets for partial accelerators. “I knew of ADF Milking from their outstanding reputation for engineering and innovation. I am delighted to be working with a product of such a high calibre.”

Mark helps us with blog contributions such as; servicing your ADF System, liners and teat dip, technical improvements and developments, and other milking machinery.

Aftersales Manager

Lynsey Hill

Lynsey is our Aftersales Manager and has worked at ADF Milking since 2012, starting as Accounts Assistant then moving across to Aftersales. In that time she has gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience. “The ADF System isn’t just great for herd health but can be installed to save customers valuable time. I like hearing customers tell me about how much extra time they have in their day to enjoy or how they are using that time to diversify their business.”

Lynsey is our expert in aftersales and looks after; our Continuous Supply Programme, ordering of liners and teat dip, and contacting dealers and customers to resolve any issues.

Customer Service Advisor

Louise Sims

Louise is our Customer Service Advisor looking after all UK accounts and liaising with dealers and farms directly. She has many years of experience managing client accounts ensuring the customer journey is faultless from beginning to end. “I love the fact that no one else can offer the system we have – it is unique to ADF! Our directors have vast farming and engineering backgrounds and genuinely care about improving the milking experience for all involved without over complicating matters.”

Louise helps with topics such as; liners and teat dip, as well as customer care.