Our range of liners for the Automatic Dipping & Flushing system has been developed with over 10 years’ on-farm experience giving you the very best liners to suit your herd. Our technical experts can advise which size of ADF liner is the best match for your herd, ensuring the most seamless transition for your cows.

The unique insights we have gained from working with our customers who have performed over 600 million milkings in more than 30 countries have helped us to identify he key issues that are faced in the challenging conditions of the milking parlour.

The liner is the part of the milking cluster that is in contact with your cow and is therefore fundamentally important to an effective milking. Our focus had been on improving both the cows’ milking experience and operational performance.

Continuous design improvements have led to the current range of liners – each has been perfected to incorporate the ADF System’s patented teat dip delivery and liner flushing through the Dual Injection feature – giving you optimal teat coverage and protection from infection.

Compared to conventional milking systems, the Automatic Dipping & Flushing system has the significant benefit of ensuring a much smoother and gentler take-off at the end of milking. This reduces stress on the cow’s teats at a critical time and can result in improved milk let-down.

At the beginning of the ADF sanitising cycle, the Dual Injection feature replaces any residual vacuum in the head of the liner with teat dip and a short burst of air, placing teat dip precisely where it’s needed.

For added operational assurance, our unique Hoodlock design secures the liner in the shell, preventing it from being dislodged in the event of a cow treading on the cluster.

For best results with ADF we recommend that liners are changed regularly and at preset intervals. Every milking operations is recorded by the ADF control box and for your convenience, indicator lights will activate when liners are due to be changed.

All ADF liners are made from REACH compliant EU compound.

For complete peace of mind and hassle-free maintenance, we can offer pre-scheduled liner deliveries direct to your farm so you can always change them on time – giving your herd the very best milking experience.