Knockrivoch Farm Customer Story

Dairy farmer Dougie Hogarth holding yellow ADF cluster in milking parlour

“ADF has definitely been one of the best investments we have made”


Dougie Hogarth from Knockrivoch Farm in Ayrshire, Scotland installed the ADF System in January 2018. “We initially installed ADF to be a milking time and labour saving tool, which has certainly happened. Our SCC and rates of mastitis have also improved since the ADF went in. SCC is at 70 and mastitis rate is 11/100 cows.

The real surprise has been the efficiency of the ADF and chemical usage. We’ve now realised just how much teat dip we wasted manually spraying the cows. Another good thing is that cows aren’t stood waiting to be sprayed in the parlour, as soon as the last units off they are heading back to the feed rail. No one wants cows stood around for longer than they need to be.

ADF has definitely been one of the best investments we have made. You can buy new tractors or telehandlers and be left wanting more out of the purchase, or think these should perform better, but we have been 100% impressed with the ADF and are beyond satisfied. I completely recommend ADF and we now wouldn’t milk cows without it.”

Farm Statistics:
Milks 300 cows twice a day
Has an Delaval 25/50 swingover parlour.
Avg milk yield 7,200 ltrs
SCC @ 70
Cases of mastitis @ 11/100 cow

Yellow ADF milking clusters hanging in milking parlour
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