ADF Founder James Duke at the National Herdsperson Conference

Founder of ADF Milking James Duke leaning against farm post and facing camera

Are you interested in making milking a smoother process for both you and your cows? Then join our ADF Milking founder James Duke at the 10th National Herdsperson Conference on 25th & 26th April, at Harper Adams University College, as he shares his knowledge on ADF’s latest innovation ‘InVent’.

‘InVent’ is a milking cluster where the liners get vented, and the teat gets dipped and protected within seconds of milking being completed. This provides a hygienic routine for your cows, as every liner then gets sanitised and rinsed six times between each milking.

This venting method creates a more comfortable experience for the cows, which can help to reduce their stress levels when getting milked. This means your cows’ milk output becomes faster, and increased – allowing your farm to become more cost and time efficient, whilst protecting your cow’s udder health.

Farm owner, Mark Reed, installed the ADF Milking ‘Invent’ system in April 2021 and says, ‘When I was told that ADF had brought out the InVent system I was really excited because I thought this could be a game changer and for me, I think it definitely is.’ Similarly, Keith Gue says that ‘Since InVent was installed it’s been a brilliant success. It’s made a huge difference to liner slip and cow comfort.’

If you want to find out more information, James will be discussing the effects of mouthpiece chamber vacuum on:

– Teat condition & overall health

– Milk let down

– Speed of milking

– Parlour efficiency

– Cow comfort

– Reducing stress

Listen to James in the afternoon on Tuesday 26th April. You’ll also be able to see a live demonstration of the brand new technology from ADF Milking.

You can find the website for the National Herdsperson Conference here.

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