Holstein International magazine praises ADF Milking

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The internationally renowned magazine ‘Holstein International’ recently published an independent article stressing the importance of having the right level of vacuum and its effect on udder health, teat condition, as well as an influence on the quality of the milk and the incidence of mastitis.

The article explores a number of milking systems and investigates the various internationally available options, in particular teat cup liners and the latest innovations to improve existing solutions. Among ‘companies that offer a process for disinfecting the milking claw between milkings to prevent a bacteria laden biofilm on the inside of the teat cup liner’, are the ‘British company ADF Milking, whose program has integrated automatic post-dipping alongside the disinfection. With the newly introduced ADF InVent milking claw, which continuously controls the teat-end vacuum level for each quarter, they have brought another innovation to the market.’

InVent is ADF’s latest revolutionary innovation that combines the system of automatic dipping teats and flushing liners between milkings with intelligent venting technology. Intelligent venting continuously controls the vacuum levels in each individual liner, adjusting and adapting the vacuum to each cow, and each one of her teats, to ensure comfortable, quiet, quick and complete, stress-free milking. The benefits are multifaceted: Cows will let down milk quicker, shortening milking times and thus increasing the efficiency of the milking parlour; they will also milk out more completely and increase milk yields.

Boy in milking parlour holding yellow ADF milking cluster and milking a dairy cow

According to Holstein International, ‘there are many solutions which aim to positively influence the effect that milking technology and milking claws have on udder health. Nonetheless, one British study estimates that 70% of all milking parlours have problems which negatively influences milk quality. Mastitis and udder health problems are never something that dairy farmers are happy about.’

Speak to us to find out how InVent can support you with improving the health of your herd.

Read the full article here.

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