Over 4 hours of time saved per week with the ADF System

Happy dairy farmer Alistair Logan standing next to a cow

“Since we installed ADF we have saved 15-20 minutes per milking, totalling 4 ½ hours per week,” says Ayrshire dairy farmer Alistair Logan. “I would most definitely recommend ADF and already have. The system speaks for itself and I have recommended it to friends who have gone on to install it.”

Alistair installed the ADF System on his 20/40 rapid exit parlour at Holehouse Farms in June 2017, with the aim of reducing mastitis in the herd and improving cow health.

“The biggest cost saving has come from the eradication of mastitis,” says Alistair. “For example prior to using ADF, if a cow contracted an infected quarter, this would usually be mirrored through the herd in various other cows in the same quarter through contaminated liners. This improvement has seen a huge reduction in our vet bills and annual cow longevity,” he explains.

Holehouse Farms are currently milking a herd of 230 cows, twice a day.

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