Goodwood Home Farm has saved 15-20 minutes per milking with the ADF System

Goodwood milk and cream

Before ADF, Farm Manager Connor Howden said that the dairy had no method for disinfecting clusters between cows so they were experiencing a higher rate of transmitted mastitis than they would like. The ADF System automatically disinfects each liner and flushes with water between cows, so the system was the perfect fit for the farm. “Since installing the ADF System, we have seen a 10-15% reduction in transmittable mastitis,” says Connor.

The ADF Milking Automatic Dipping and Flushing system was installed onto Goodwood Home Farm in West Sussex in March 2020 by local dealer Duke Milking Solutions.

The installation of the ADF System has also saved the farm 15-20 minutes per milking, which gives Connor valuable time to oversee other aspects of the farm. “I wouldn’t recommend any other system; very quick installation, very painless and easy to use,” Connor says. “You don’t even notice the system once it’s in, it runs great and there have been no technical problems.”

Goodwood Home Farm is located in 12,000 acres of the Sussex estate and is one of the largest lowland organic farms in the UK. Their approach to dairy farming is sustainable, sensitive to the environment and results in delicious, high quality produce.

The farm has a herd of 200 dairy cows and their milk produces their own brand of Goodwood organic dairy products. Goodwood milk is bottled on site and sold in the Estate farm shop along with their own cheeses. The dairy products are also sold in local shops and selected retailers in Brighton and London.

Goodwood Home Farm Manager Connor holding a yellow ADF cluster
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