ADF Customer hosts RABDF Gold Cup Open Day

Gold Cup winners the Logan family from Holehouse farms

Thursday 10th August, 10:30am – 4:00pm
Holehouse Farms, Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA25 7LA
Long-standing ADF customer Holehouse Farm will be hosting this year’s Gold Cup Open Day – and we are delighted!

The Logan family at Holehouse Farm in Ayrshire, Scotland, was awarded the coveted 2022 NMR & RABDF Gold Cup at Dairy-Tech in February 2023.

The prestigious Gold Cup award considers all elements of dairy farming, including; production, cow welfare standards and disease control, along with all-round excellence in the dairy sector. This year the RABDF recognised the Logan family for their hard work in sustainability and the use of technology to maximise the health and welfare of their herd.

At the Gold Cup Open Day 2023 attendees will be able to walk around the entire Holehouse farm to learn from the Logan family’s best practices, meaning that visitors will be able to see the ADF automatic dipping and flushing system in action in their milking parlour.

The Logan family installed the automatic dipping and flushing system in 2017 and have been enjoying the benefits ever since. Attendees to the open day will be able to find out why Alistair Logan says the following about the ADF System: “I would most definitely recommend ADF and already have. The system speaks for itself and I have recommended it to friends who have gone on to install it.”

Visitors can also listen to ADF Milking founder James Duke and his talk on: “The truth behind selecting the perfect liner for your herd”.

The importance of having the correct size liner for each individual cow has never been disputed. Correct liner selection ensures cow comfort, fast milk let down, complete milk out and higher yields. But how do you select a liner that is suitable for each teat on every cow in your herd? James will be revealing the truth behind selecting the perfect liner to get the best from your herd.

This open farm day is free to attend and is sure to be an unforgettable event – Scottish dairy farmers shouldn’t miss out! Register to attend the Gold Cup Open Day here.

Read Alistair Logan’s full customer story here.

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