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Here at ADF Milking we’ve put together some answers to your frequently asked questions about the ADF System, the installation process and the benefits our customers are enjoying.

Take a look below and find out the answers to your questions.


The ADF System is an automatic dipping and flushing milking system. It automatically dips the cow’s teats when they have finished milking. Then once the milking unit is released there is an automatic BurstRinse cluster flush which ensures the liner is thoroughly rinsed and sanitised before being attached to the next cow, preventing any cross contamination amongst the herd.

Yes, the ADF System is compatible with any type of milking parlour, any brand and any configuration.

The ADF System fits onto any milking parlour, whether it is old or new. ADF can go onto any size of milking parlour, from an eight point swingover to a 100 point rotary. However the milking parlour must have ACR’s (automatic cluster removers) already fitted.

No farm is too small to have an ADF System because we have a product range which will suit every farmer’s needs.

We have an Essential system now which is designed for the smaller family farm with less than 20 milking points. For bigger operations we also have the Professional and Ultimate system which can accommodate farms with up to 100 milking points milking 2-3 times a day.


We have customers all over the world, so there is sure to be an ADF System in your area. Use our Find A Farm page to discover an ADF Customer farm local to you where you can see the ADF System in action.

When an ADF representative visits your dairy farm they will go through all of your figures in the parlour such as herd size, how many milking points you have, your current somatic cell counts, your mastitis rates etc – everything that we would need to gain an insight into what is going on your farm. With this information we can then generate a personal report specific to you and your farm that will outline what your next 5 years will look like with ADF, including the health benefits it will bring to your herd, the time & labour saving benefits that it will bring to you, and also the return on investment that you will see.

ADF Milking offer a 5 year warranty on all ADF Automatic Dipping and Flushing systems.

At ADF Milking we offer a robust milking system that is incredibly reliable. The majority of our Automatic Dipping and Flushing systems are in operation 24/7.

With our Continuous Supply Programme dairy farmers can be rest assured that your liners and teat dip will arrive on time, and servicing will be carried out regularly by our trusted partners.


An ADF System will need a compressor to work. There needs to be a water supply and an electricity supply as well as ACR’s (automatic cluster removers).

You will need ACR’s in your milking parlour because the ADF System is hooked up to your milk metre. Once the cow has let down all their milk, the ACR will then pull the cluster away. The ADF System then knows to start the dip and flush routine.

We can manufacture your custom ADF System in as little as 4-6 weeks, with installation lead time usually being 8-10 weeks from purchase agreement. So you can enjoy the benefits of a new ADF System in no time!

Depending on the parlour size, installation can usually be done within a couple of days in between milking times, so there is no disruption to your milking routine. We will work around you to get the ADF System installed as quickly as we can, without preventing you from milking your cows. As an example, a 20 point installation would usually take 2-3 days.

Your ADF System would be installed by a local approved ADF partner or one of our own installation engineers.

The ADF System typically comprises of four major components; a stainless steel pump cabinet that normally sits in the pump room, individual stall boxes – one at each milking point, the ADF yellow milking clusters and one central programming unit, plus additional tubing and cabling.

n your farm we will need access to; a source of clean potable water, an air compressor of suitable specification (this varies depending on the milking parlour and can be discussed with our technical team prior to installation) and a mains power outlet in the parlour.


We offer a wide range of liners to suit your herd’s specific needs, including; round, square, and low-tension options.

It is important for rubber liners to retain their tension to give the correct milking action. Therefore liners should be changed every 2,000 milkings.

Our liners are unique and can be purchased from ADF or our extensive approved dealer network.

Shells / Milking Clusters

The ADF shells are manufactured from an engineered plastic and our reinforcing ring makes it far stronger than a standard stainless steel shell. The engineered plastic also has some resilience and will bounce back into shape if trodden on.

Our standard cluster weighs 2kg and can be modified to reduce weight to 1.7kg or increased to 2.5kg to suit your needs.

Our founder James Duke chose the colour yellow as it is a powerful and uplifting colour which always looks fresh & bright. It is a great colour for detail which shows off the shape of our shells. It also allows our equipment to stand out in your milking parlour.

Teat Dip

Per activation the ADF system uses 8ml of teat dip per cow, which is 2ml per teat.

ADF supplies a wide range of teat dips to suit your herd, including Chlorhexidine, Lactic Acid and Iodine based teat dips. We can help you find the best teat dip suitable for you so that you get the best results from your ADF System.

Using non ADF approved chemicals for the ADF System will invalidate the warranty as we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the product and compatibility with the ADF Milking system components. We have a variety of teat dip options to suit your needs that we have rigorously tested to give the best results with ADF.

With the ADF System dip is applied to the teat at the optimum angle whilst the milking cluster is still on the cow, ensuring maximum teat coverage. Teat is dipped and protected within seconds of milking being completed before exposure to harmful contagions in the environment.


An entire flushing cycle uses 330ml of sanitised water, which is the same amount as a can of Coke!

The standard ADF System flushes six times with peracetic acid, air and water and takes approximately 15 to 30 seconds to flush completely before it is ready for the next cow.

The main importance of flushing the unit out after milking is to remove any milk residue which could have contaminates, to ensure the cluster is clean and sanitised for the next cow.


The three key benefits that farmers see with the ADF System are:

  • Reduction in mastitis cases
  • Lowering your somatic cells counts
  • Faster milking times

The ADF System automates part of the milking process. With the ADF Milking system the need to manually dip/spray cows or manually wash liners is eradicated, meaning time is saved and parlour throughput is increased.

Some benefits you’ll see straight away, for example calmer cows, clean milk filter at the end of milking. But general herd improvement will come over time, as those high somatic cell count cows leave the herd and you replace them with healthy cows. And those cows will stay healthy for longer. And as we all know, low somatic cell count cows produce more milk.

The ADF System is one tool in the toolbox. It does a great job in your post milking routine. It dips the cow immediately after milking. And every teat on every cow at every milking gets a clean, sanitised liner. But there are other issues as we all know on the farm which contribute to mastitis cases. The management of your cows, clean beds, a good pre milking routine. All of these things contribute. We cannot guarantee that ADF will abolish mastitis on your dairy farm, but it is a very valuable tool in the toolbox. To have every cow dipped immediately after milking, and every cow receiving a clean, sanitised liner so we’re not transferring bacteria from cow to cow.

On average the ADF System will save you about 15 seconds per cow, because it’s not just the time taken to dip the cow, it’s the walking to the cow, and holding the cows in the parlour before you can release them.


ADF is now available in over 30 countries across the world.