Mastitis cases have halved in just six months at Cowdray Home Farm

Black and white cows in barn on muddy path

Cowdray Home Farm in West Sussex installed the ADF System on their 20 point swing over parlour in May 2020.

The main reason for the installation was to save time in the milking parlour as they only have one herdsman, Andrew Speed, milking the entire herd. Since installing the Automatic Dipping and Flushing system, the farm has been able to save 20 minutes every milking, leaving Andrew more time to focus on the health and welfare of the herd.

Another benefit the farm has seen is an improvement in cow health. Somatic cell count has reduced from 200 to 159 and mastitis cases have halved. These are both great results to achieve in less than six months of installation.

Cowdray Home Farm uses the ADF Milking Continuous Supply Programme which provides the farm with chemicals and liners as and when they need them. Servicing and maintenance is then provided by local dealer Duke Milking Solutions. “The maintenance package means that we know what we’re spending each month and liners and chemicals are automatically sent and changed by Duke Milking Solutions’ engineers so we don’t even have to think about it,” explains Andrew.

The farm has a dairy herd of 320 cows and is producing 3 million litres of milk per annum. Cowdray Home Farm supplies milk to Marks & Spencer and operates a strong sustainability and environmentally responsible policy.

Dairy farmer standing in milking parlour holding a yellow ADF milking cluster
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