Liam Michael Tierney - Herdsman

We chat to Liam about the benefits he's enjoyed after installing the Automatic Dipping & Flushing system on his 32 point rotary parlour.

Man with glasses staring into the camera

Originally from New Zealand, Liam moved to the UK last year. In our short film, Liam explains to us where he sees the benefits of using ADF, and what he see’s as the big savings day to day in this 32 point rotary parlour.

In between rolling the camera Liam shared some facts Huddlestone Farm with us.

The main enterprise at Huddlestone Farm is the dairy unit. The unit has grown steadily from 120 milking cows in 1987 to 420 milking cows today with investment in buildings and parlour along the way. In the summer cows have access to meadowland either side of the River Adur as well as grazing close to the farm buildings.

The cows are milked three times a day through a 32 point rotary parlour by a team of dedicated stockmen using the ADF system to help with efficiencies, and had lead to a healthier herd . Cows are fed a complete diet which is mixed in a feeder wagon (large food processor) and they have fresh food daily.

Huddlestone are part of the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group which means that we work collaboratively with then to ensure that our cows and calves have the highest welfare possible and that we are constantly driving increased efficiency and sustainability, which is why we choose to use ADF in our parlour.

Herdsman milking cows using the automatic dipping and flushing system
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