Richard Salisbury - Herdsman

Richard shares his story about how ADF has allowed him more quality time with his family.

Behind the scenes picture of Richard at Sailsbury farm from video testimonial.

Being a Herdsman and having a young family can be a challenge and for Richard getting home early to spend quality time with them is important to him. As well as the responsibility of looking after 350 cows who are milked 3 times a day, he is part of a team who are dedicated to making the parlour at Huddlestone as effective and efficient as possible.

The ADF system was recently installed in the parlour and has already proved to be a great investment, due to the time saving made each day. Dipping in the parlour has speeded up thanks to the automation of the ADF system, meaning that they can focus more time on the well being of the herd.

Watch and find out what other improvements are being made at Huddlestone here in this short film we shot together during the hot summer.

Dairy cow at Huddlestone farm
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