Dairy farmer in apron standing in dairy parlour with ADF Clusters around them

Increase milker productivity and operational efficiency

The ADF InVent system automates the post-milking hygiene routine to a higher quality and with more reliably consistent results than many other alternative methods – saving time, reducing labour costs and more efficient use of consumables and resources.

Labour costs and time savings

  • Fewer manual tasks to be performed – reducing labour requirement
  • Milking times are shorter
  • Throughput can be increased enabling more cows to be milked without additional investment in a parlour extension

Efficient use of consumables and resources

  • Precisely calibrated dosage of teat dip eliminating unnecessary usage
  • Uses less water than a typical backflush system

Easier for milkers

  • Calmer cows are less likely to kick off the clusters which means milkers are not rushing to reattach clusters
  • Milkers are more productive and have more time to be attentive to the cows
  • Milker movement within the parlour is reduced lessening fatigue
  • Eliminates multiple repetitive movements for each milker that would be performed if dipping and flushing was performed manually – reducing musculoskeletal stress injury
  • Lightweight, ergonomic cluster design

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