Cow teats with dip from the ADF Milking Cluster

Instantaneous in-liner teat dipping

At the end of milking, with perfect timing every time, the ADF Milking system protects the open teat canal from infection with an instantaneous application of teat dip – precisely and accurately – with the teat still protected within the liner. Dipping cows by hand or with a spray after the liner has been removed occurs much later when the teat has been exposed to potential infection and consistency of application cannot be guaranteed.

The ADF Milking system automates a process that is difficult to perform to the same standard by other methods such as manually dipping or spraying the teats outside of the liner either by hand or with other automated devices.

Cross-contamination between cows is reduced because the liners are automatically disinfected between each milking with multiple flushes of clean, sanitised water. Every teat, on every cow, at every milking benefits from these clean liners. Studies show that lowering somatic cell counts (SCC) are linked to increased milk yields. Typically a reduction in the SCC by 100 (thousands of cells) produces an extra 2-5% of milk.

Farmers that have used ADF over the longer term also report that they are achieving additional lactations and thus greater herd longevity. This can significantly increase the financial return on investment. Whilst several factors can affect mastitis and SCC, the precise automated hygiene functionality of the ADF Milking system can provide peace of mind and consistent results as part of a structured approach to udder health.

Intelligent venting works to reduce trauma on teats by safeguarding teats from excessively high vacuum.

  • Healthier teat conditions increases the cow’s self-defence against infection
  • Instantaneous teat dipping in-liner before exposure to potential infection
  • Automated liner flushing reduces the risk of mastitis caused by cross-contamination

Giving you…

  • Lower somatic cell counts
  • Reduce usage of antibiotics
  • Savings on vet costs
  • Additional lactations adding to the lifetime yield of the cow

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