Dairy producers can discover ADF Essential for the first time ever at CDX

CDX Canadian Dairy Xpo & ADF Milking

CDX – Canadian Dairy Xpo
April 3-4 2024
353 McCarthy Road, Stratford, ON N5A 7S7
Stand: 56E

Canadian dairy farmers will be able to see the brand new ADF Essential system for the first time at this year’s Canadian Dairy Xpo (CDX).

The ADF Essential milking system has been specifically designed with the family farm in mind. Farmers get all the automated instant dipping and flushing functionality that ADF is well known for, but in a newly streamlined design. Teats are automatically dipped and liners are automatically flushed at the right time, every time.

See how the ADF System works here

If you are milking fewer than 250 cows and have fewer than 20 milking points the ADF Essential could be right for you. It’s quick and easy to install with no interruptions to your milkings. ADF Essential is also compatible with all parlour types and makes, meaning our award-winning milking technology is accessible to the widest range of dairy farm operations.

Herringbone milking parlour with cows being milked by yellow ADF clusters with blue overlay and Essential logo

Dairy farmers will also be able to see our brand new InVent milking cluster that reduces teat congestion and improves milk let down with gentler milking. The superior InVent technology introduces clean, filtered air into the mouthpiece of each liner when the vacuum level rises to a particular threshold. This maintains the vacuum at the ideal “sweet spot” that is comfortable for the cow and also maintains peak milk flow. Our innovation is the only teat-by-teat intelligent venting system on the market, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to see it in action. Find out from the ADF experts how our new InVent system can help you to produce higher milk yields, more complete milk outs and calmer cows with less teat damage.

The Canadian Dairy XPO (CDX) is Canada’s largest dairy showcase. With over 350 exhibitors from around the globe, dairy producers can be inspired by the latest in innovation, education, genetics and hospitality. What’s not to miss at CDX.

We are delighted to be showcasing our new ADF Essential milking system & InVent technology to the Canadian market at CDX 2024. So visit us on stand number 56E to learn more about the benefits and how automatic dipping and flushing could revolutionise your dairy farm.

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