Collin Walker - Farm Owner

“Our somatic cell has reduced by 100,000 since installing ADF”

Walkhavern farm ADF Milking

Farm = Walkhavern Farms
Name = Collin Walker
Parlour type = Rapid exit
Milking points = 20
Herd size = 100
Installation date = April 2020

Ontario dairy farmer Collin Walker from Walkhavern Farms has seen a huge improvement in cow health and somatic cell count since installing the ADF System on his farm in April 2020.

“The main reason we wanted to install the system was for the health benefits and we have been very excited about how well the ADF milkers have been working for us,” says Collin. “We’ve seen a dramatic drop in our somatic cell count since we started using ADF – we’ve dropped about 100,000 on our SCC.”

Colin Walker Ontario

Collin credits this significant reduction in somatic cell having been achieved through the automatic dipping and flushing of the ADF System. “With the ADF milking claw, they’ll flush in between cows, and they also post dip the cows when the milker comes off. The benefit of rinsing the claw between milking each cow is that if one cow has a high cell count it doesn’t get transferred to another cow in the herd. And when the claws come off the teats, the teat has already been post dipped, and makes a positive pressure inside the teat cup and the claws fall off easily.”

“Overall we are very fortunate and very excited about being able to have the consistency of our cows producing quality milk due to the ADF Automatic Dipping and Flushing system.”

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Walkhavern farm ADF Milking
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