Reba Vander Zaag - Henria Holsteins

“I like the ease of the ADF System and how effective it is”

Reba Vander Zaag dairy farmer, Ontario

Farm: Henria Holsteins Inc
Name: Reba Vander Zaag
Parlour type: Rotary
Milking points: 50
Herd size: 600
Installation date: 01/11/2009

Daughter Reba has grown up her family’s dairy farm Henria Holsteins in Conn, Ontario. The Pastink family has been using the ADF System to milk their cows since 2009, over 14 years ago, so Reba doesn’t remember life without ADF! However she still knows the benefits the Automatic Dipping & Flushing system brings to her family farm and their cows.

“From being around the parlour and working with the cows, I do really enjoy the ADF System,” she says. “I like that it’s a quiet system. It’s not something that’s moving around the cows. I like the ease of the system and how effective it is.”

Reba believes the biggest benefit of the ADF System is the labour saving. “You’re saving a person post-dipping on the other side of the rotary,” she says.

She is also impressed with the accurate and automatic post dipping of the ADF System. “I enjoy the effectiveness of it – that every single cow is being post-dipped properly. That would really see a benefit in somatic cell count.” Reba thinks the cows also enjoy the instantaneous in-liner teat dip application. “I think they prefer having that in the cup system instead of having an arm swing in and out.”

“I would definitely recommend ADF to another farmer if they’re looking to save labour, save time and get that effective teat dip application.”

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