John Miller – Miller's Dairy

“You will definitely save money with improved animal health”

Dairy farmer John Miller with Canadian flag

Farm: Jalon Farms / Miller’s Dairy
Name: John Miller
Parlour type: Rapid exit
Milking points: 16
Herd size: 128 jersey cows
Installation date: 2021

Dairy farmer John Miller of Creemore, Ontario, first installed the ADF System on his dairy to help resolve the problem of contagious mastitis going through his Jersey herd, which was costing him an outrageous amount of money. He quickly realised how improving cow health with the ADF System not only saved him money but helped him to produce top quality milk for his milk processing business, Miller’s Dairy.

“After installing the ADF System we noticed a significant reduction in somatic cell count. We’ve taken 150,000 off our cows,” says John.

“I believe this is one of the best investments I’ve made in a piece of equipment on the farm,” he explains. In terms of payback, John says; “We have already got our money back. The system is still saving us money and it’s actually making us money. The purchase of it is easily justified in the dollars that you will definitely save with improved animal health.”

“I think this is the type of system that should be on every dairy farm in Ontario. It would significantly improve milk quality. Even organisations with the best quality milk in the world – this system would make that milk even better.”

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