John Crossman - Walkhavern Farm

“The ADF System makes milking more enjoyable”

John Crossman dairy farmer, Ontario

Farm: Walkhavern Farm
Name: John Crossman
Parlour type: Rapid exit
Milking points: 20
Herd size: 110
Installation date: 08/04/2020

Farm Manager John Crossman has worked at Walkhavern Farms for six years and he has seen significant benefits since owner Collin installed the ADF System on their rapid exit parlour in 2020.

“The biggest benefit of the ADF System would probably be that it gives you time to get chores done faster. It seems to be less work – you have more time in between cows as opposed to trying to keep up with them. We’re able to milk 110 cows with one person milking in approximately an hour and a half. So that makes a huge difference,” says John.

Cow health has improved on the farm due to the automatic teat dip application and automatic milker rinsing with the ADF System. “Since we installed ADF, mastitis is pretty well not a thing anymore. The cow’s teats are always clean and there’s never really an issue with them. Also, our somatic cell count has dropped right off as well,” John mentions.

Cow comfort was a surprising benefit of the ADF System John explains. “As far as the cows go, I don’t think they mind the system at all. They seem to be pretty comfortable in the parlour. They don’t kick or act up too much. So it seems like it works pretty well for them.”

Overall John is very impressed with ADF. “I think the ADF System makes milking more enjoyable. It gives you more time to pay attention to the cows as opposed to chasing around teat dipping them. It’s easier on the arms, less fatigue, and you get milking done in less time. So all around I think it’s a very good system.”

“I’d recommend the ADF system for other farmers for the simple reason that the cows have better health and it takes less time and it’s less work.”

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