Howie Herrema – Herralea Farm

“The ADF System far exceeded my expectations”

Howie Herrema – Herralea Farm

Farm: Herralea Farm
Name: Howie Herrema
Parlour type: Swingover
Milking points: 10
Herd size: 90
Installation date: 13/02/2019

The Herrema family have been milking cows on their dairy farm in Uxbridge, Ontario, since 1961. Herralea Farm is proudly owned and run by Howie Herrema, 3rd generation dairy farmer, and his son Gerrit, 4th generation. Both of whom couldn’t be happier with the ADF System which they installed on their 10 point swingover parlour in 2019.

The biggest benefit the family has seen since installing the ADF System is improvement of the herd’s somatic cell count. “After we added the ADF System to the parlour we saw a great decrease in our somatic cell. Before ADF we believe some of the cows coming in were getting contaminated in the parlour and then it was spreading through the milkers. But with ADF there’s no spread within the parlour due to the automatic flush, so we’ve taken our somatic cell from an explosion down to just a few cows over 100,000,” says Howie.

The ADF System has reduced labour and shortened milking times. “There is a small time saving with the system, but the person milking is also a lot less tired and stressed at the end because they’re not running all over the place, dipping cows to try and let them out.”

Cow longevity and the use of antibiotics has also improved on the farm. “Cows are staying in the barn a little longer, and the number of cows that we treat for mastitis using antibiotics are very few, which has really made a big difference. We are definitely ahead on money because of it.”

“The ADF System far exceeded my expectations when we installed it. I thought we were putting it in to help tick a couple of boxes on making sure our milking procedures were done right. But the other benefits of it and how much it’s helped with the labour and the time saving during milking really was way beyond what I expected.”

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