Hans Rispens - Farm Manager

Alberta Dairy Farmer Hans Rispens installed the ADF System at Risco Dairy in May 2018. Having the Automatic Dipping & Flushing system has given him more time to dedicate to other aspects of the dairy production.


“The ADF System has greatly reduced our labour during milking, helping us to delegate more time to other aspects of the dairy production.”

Alberta Dairy Farmer, Hans Rispens, installed the ADF System on his newly fitted rotary milking parlour at Risco Dairy in May 2018. “The installation went very smoothly and from the beginning we have never had any issues,” says Hans. Risco Dairy are currently milking a herd of 220 cows, twice a day.

Since installing the ADF System, Hans has seen huge time saving benefits. “With milking in a rotary, you normally need one person hooking up claws and one person dipping the cows once they are finished milking. With ADF, we have completely eliminated the need to have a second person dipping the cows when they are finished milking,’ explains Hans.

“We have found the ADF System great and we are really pleased that we went ahead with the installation. ADF has greatly reduced our labour during milking, helping us to delegate more time to other aspects of the dairy production.  As the herd number increases on the dairy, we are confident that we are doing our best at keeping the cross contamination low between the cows with this system, resulting in healthier cows producing quality milk.”

Risco Dairy’s other reason for installing ADF was to reduce cross contamination between cows. “We really liked the fact that the claws sanitize and flush after each use, reducing the contamination from cow to cow,” adds Hans.

Hans is delighted with the benefits he has seen through using the system, such as a lower somatic cell count, fewer cases of mastitis and a reduction in labour. The amount of antibiotics used on the herd has also reduced and the herd appear to be very comfortable during milking. “Our herd seem to tolerate it really well, and the average somatic cell count over the past year was 110,000. Recent test results have been lower, which is a big reduction in comparison to our old milking parlour,” says Hans. “We would definitely recommend ADF to others.”

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