Gerrit Pastink - Henria Holsteins

“In 14 years we haven’t done one milking without it”

Gerrit Pastink - Henria Holsteins Inc

Farm: Henria Holsteins Inc
Name: Gerrit Pastink
Parlour type: Rotary
Milking points: 50
Herd size: 600
Installation date: 01/11/2009

Son Gerrit has been milking on his family farm Henria Holsteins in Conn, Ontario, for most of his life. The Pastink family have used the Automatic Dipping & Flushing system from ADF Milking on their external rotary parlour since 2009, over 14 years now.

“The reason for getting ADF when my parents built the parlour was the labour shortage – they could save an extra person in the parlour,” Gerrit explains.

The automatic teat dipping function of the ADF System was another key reason for installing ADF all those years ago, and Gerrit can see why. “What I like best about the ADF System, as well as the labour savings, is that it puts the right amount of teat dip in the right spot every time.”

Despite being young when the ADF System was installed, Gerrit knows the importance of ADF and what it brings to their dairy. “The efficiency of having ADF for the speed of the rotary, compared with a teat spray robot, the ADF can do it so much quicker. The ADF System has been very reliable. In 14 years we have not done one milking without it.”

Gerrit says that the milking staff enjoy working with the ADF System. “The guys who milk really like it because it’s another thing off their hands. They don’t have to worry about it. It’s super low maintenance.”

Summing up the ADF System, Gerrit adds; “I really like it. If I were to build a parlour again, I would put it in. I would recommend the ADF System to other Canadian farmers. Especially for rotary parlours as I think it is the way to go for post-dip applications.”

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