Gary Lanue - Herralea Farm

“Our somatic cell has been in the gold level since installing ADF”

Gary Lanue milking cows on Herralea Farm

Farm: Herralea Farm
Name: Gary Lanue
Parlour type: Swingover
Milking points: 10
Herd size: 90
Installation date: 13/02/2019

Herdsman Gary is an experienced milker and does most of the milking at Herralea Farms in Oxbridge, Ontario. He enjoys working with the ADF System. “We originally thought we would try out the ADF System because each cow is dipped individually and the teat cups are clean when it goes on to the next cow.”

This automation has really helped Gary with his day-to-day routine in the parlour. “When I get done putting milkers on one side, the other side is already dipped and I can let them go, which makes it a lot faster for us.” This has made his job easier. “With the ADF auto dippers, I do a lot less steps in a day – especially when we get up to milking over 100 cows – because I don’t have to go back and do the post dipping.”

The automation of ADF has also helped to save time in the milking parlour he explains. “The time saving with the ADF System is that I don’t have to go back and post dip cows. I just make sure that they’re milked out – I can just look down the parlour, hit exit and they’re leaving already. We’re currently milking around 90 cows and takes us about an hour and a half to 2 hours.”

Gary raves about how the ADF System has helped the farm to achieve high milk quality. “Our somatic cell has been in the gold level for the last two years. And we’ve had ADF in the parlour for the last five years,” he says. “And our bactoscan is actually at two – our rep said that he didn’t even know that that was possible!”

Gary believes that the cows enjoy being milked with the ADF System. “The cows just do not even seem to mind the ADF. It dips, it comes off, and then it rinses the cluster while it’s hanging.”

“I would highly recommend ADF to other farmers,” he adds. “It’s one way that you’re sure that every cow gets dipped and there is no spreading from cow to cow.”

Gary Lanue working on Herralea Farm
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