Collin Walker - Walkhavern Farm

“We have zero clinical mastitis and our somatic cell is down to 75,000 with ADF”

Colin Walker - Walkhavern Farm, Ontario

Farm: Walkhavern Farm
Name: Collin Walker
Parlour type: Rapid exit
Milking points: 20
Herd size: 105
Installation date: 08/04/2020

Ontario dairy farmer Collin Walker and his family moved to Stayner in 1970, when they began milking dairy cows on Walkhavern Farm.

Collin originally decided to install the ADF System on his rapid exit parallel parlour in 2020 to ensure that everything on his farm was as efficient as possible. But he was pleasantly surprised at the incredible health benefits the ADF System brought to his herd.

“It’s been really rewarding on the health benefits since we put ADF in. It far exceeded my expectations in reducing somatic cell count,” says Collin. Originally the herd’s somatic cell count was 225,000. “I was hoping to get below 100, but we’re actually at 75,000 somatic cell count right now. Throughout the whole year we have zero clinical mastitis cases and the cows are just a lot healthier. The health benefits are far greater than I imagined.”

Parlour throughput and efficiency has also improved with the Automatic Dipping & Flushing system. “Once we moved to ADF, we quickly found that our production and efficiency was far greater than we initially thought. Instead of being able to milk 90 cows per hour with two people, now we’re close to milking 100 cows per hour with just one person.”

Collin says he likes milking a lot more since installing the ADF System. “I actually find it really enjoyable to milk in the parlour now. I wouldn’t milk without ADF in a parlour. Before, you would always tend to be behind after the milkers come off because you’d have to post dip the cows. And now you’re always ahead. Which means you have time for a more vigilant, visual inspection and wiping off the cows teats. We’re always ahead of the milkers coming off, rather than constantly behind. So that’s made it much more enjoyable.”

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