Brook House Farm Customer Story

Dairy farmer David Bradley holding yellow ADF cluster in milking parlour

“I don’t know why everyone hasn’t got ADF!”


David Bradley and son George Bradley are dairy farmers on Brook House Farm in Nantwich, Cheshire. They both love the ADF Automatic Dipping & Flushing system and David tells us why.

“We like the security of it all, a bit like an insurance policy really. We know that there is now no contagious spread of bacteria in the parlour from cow to cow and this saves us time and money by not having cows with mastitis, tubing them, chucking milk away etc.

The cows’ teats are automatically dipped at the end of milking and that saves a job in the parlour. Now we haven’t the biggest parlour but it certainly saves us a lot of time in there.

I know you don’t put ADF in for free, but it’s definitely paid for itself and I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have it. We used to manually dip clusters when they had been on a cow with a high SCC or had mastitis and that all took so much time and effort.

ADF’s reliability is brilliant. It’s never let us down since it got installed back in 2014 and it gets used twice a day 365 days a year – there’s not many things that have never let us down! I would absolutely recommend ADF and I don’t know why everyone hasn’t got it!”

Farm Statistics:
Milk 160 cows twice a day
8/16 Westfalia parlour
SCC avg 130

Yellow ADF milking clusters hanging in milking parlour
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