Baddiley Hulse Farm Customer Story

Dairy farmer Richard Blackburn holding yellow ADF cluster in milking parlour

“Knowing that teat dip is applied properly at the right time gives me peace of mind”


Richard Blackburn Baddiley Hulse Farm is also NFU Cheshire County Chairman. He has great things to say about the ADF Milking System since he installed it on his farm in May 2018.

“ADF is just brilliant! We installed it as another tool in the box to make us be the best we possibly can be at having the least amount of mastitis on farm and a low SCC. ADF combined with good, easy to follow farm protocols has led to great results, so yeah I’m very happy with the ADF System.

The time saved each milking has been great too, knowing that dip is on the cow, knowing it’s good coverage, and knowing that it’s applied at the right time gives me peace of mind as I don’t do every milking myself. I always think about my staff and try to make things as easy to use as possible. Experience has taught me that; if it’s easy to use then the job gets done right, if it’s not easy to use and complicated then the job doesn’t get done right. ADF gets the job done right every time no matter who is milking and the staff love it!

The ADF lets me know when a liner change is due and because I’m on a CSP it’s all taken care of for me. Liners, dip and backflush arrive when it’s needed. I can’t fault my ADF dealer A & R Dodd Limited – they even come and change my liners!”

Farm Statistics:
Milk 350 cows twice a day
24/48 Fullwood parlour

Yellow ADF Milking clusters in dairy parlour
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