Available to watch now: “Stress-Free Milking for You and Your Cows” workshop

Yellow ADF milking clusters hanging in milking parlour

Thank you to everyone who attended our lunchtime workshop as part of the BCBC Conference.

The workshop “Stress-Free Milking for You and Your Cows” heard ADF Milking founder James Duke introducing the concept of “intelligent venting” to help combat the adverse effects of high vacuum levels on teat health. James explained how the new ADF InVent milking cluster continuously controls vacuum levels on each teat individually – resulting in calmer cows, less teat damage, higher milk yields and faster milk let down.

Farmer experience

Award winning dairy farmer James Lywood from Battlehurst Farm in West Sussex also discussed his experience with the ADF Milking InVent system and the benefits it has brought to his farm. “Since the installation of InVent, milk yields have increased by an extra litre a day per cow, potentially gaining around 300 extra litres per lactation for freshly calved cows.”

Watch the full workshop below and find out how the InVent system can bring you the ultimate in cow comfort and unrivalled precision.

Available now

ADF InVent is available now. Contact us on 01243 814030 or email to find out more about the revolutionary brand-new ADF InVent and its multiple benefits for you and your cows.

You can also view our InVent brochure here.

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