Auchmeddan Farm Customer Story

Dairy farmer Jim Struthers in cow barn

“We would not milk without ADF and recommend it to everyone”


Jim Struthers from Auchmeddan Farm in Lanarkshire, Scotland, tells us why he loves the ADF System. “Since ADF has gone in it has knocked ½ an hour off our milking times which is brilliant. The parlour is much more efficient and cow flow is now the best it can be.

The best thing is the positive financial benefit it has brought to my business by reducing rates of mastitis. There is no cross contamination now between cows. We used to have cows with a case of mastitis in one quarter spread to a different cow in the exact same quarter. This problem has now been solved. Our SCC is 100 and rates of mastitis are now at 15/100 cows.

I now have complete faith that when any relief staff arrive, the milking routine is standardised and done to the highest standard it can be. We would not milk without ADF and recommend it to everyone.”

Farm Statistics:
Milks 250 cows twice a day
Fullwood 15/30 swingover parlour
Avg milk yield 7,200 ltrs
SCC @ 100
Cases of mastitis @ 15/100 cow

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