Discover Intelligent In-Liner Venting from ADF at FarmWorld 2023

Discover Intelligent In-Liner Venting from ADF at FarmWorld 2023

FarmWorld, Lardner Park, Gippsland
24-26 March 2023
Stand LS 24-25
ADF Milking & Western Valley Dairy Systems

The ADF Automatic Dipping and Flushing system is now available with intelligent teat-by-teat venting. Dairy farmers can discover more about the award-winning system at FarmWorld this March.

Our partner Western Valley Dairy Systems will be exhibiting on stand LS 24-25 where you can chat to their team about how the ADF System can save you time and money in your dairy shed, as well as improving the health of your herd.

You can learn about our newest innovation – ADF InVent. Intelligent venting is the latest milking equipment technology that individually vents each liner, reducing teat congestion and teat end damage.

The ADF InVent system adjusts vacuum levels in the mouthpiece chamber of the liner for each individual teat, maintaining peak milk flow. Our customers have reported results such as quicker milking times and higher milk yield. Stay ahead of the curve and prioritise milking speed and cow comfort with ADF InVent.

Watch our video on how InVent works

FarmWorld is an opportunity to discover the latest techniques & technologies, conduct informative discussions with like-minded farmers, and educate yourself in the most efficient ways to run your dairy farm.

So don’t miss it! Visit our partner Western Valley Dairy Systems on stand LS 24-25 to learn more. Buy your FarmWorld tickets here.

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