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The market leading Automatic Dipping and Flushing system from ADF Milking is an award winning product that has been recognised by dairy industry experts around the world for its innovation and technology.

Our passion is improving cow health as the key driver to making milking more efficient and profitable for the farmer.

ADF MILKING’s mission is to be the market leader in efficient and healthy milking technology that is accessible to the widest range of dairy farm operations and compatible with all dairy shed types.

We pursue innovation relentlessly, informed by decades of accumulated milking expertise. We draw upon the experience gained from our diverse range of customers – from large-scale operations to traditional family-run farms – literally billions of milkings in thousands of situations.

The range and depth of this experience has helped to shape our vision of what our customers need in the varied and challenging conditions that they face.

We believe that stress-free milking for both the cows and operators is important. Cow comfort and automated hygiene leads to improved milk production.

Our design philosophy is to find the optimal solution. Building in reliability and simple maintainability for long-term performance and return on investment.

In the dairy our products must be safe, easy to use and incorporate ergonomic design. By improving manual handling for operators we may also minimise fatigue and repetitive strain injury.

Our customer service and after-sales care is comprehensive and unique. Our all-inclusive supply programme gives you all the consumables you need and regular servicing to keep your essential equipment operating in peak condition. We are proud to serve our customers and our goal is 100% satisfaction.

Our customers are a community of like-minded farmers and we are totally committed to supporting them.

Careers at ADF Milking

Interested in joining the ADF Milking team? Visit our Careers page to see our current vacancies.

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