Efficient Milking and Herd Potential – An Exclusive Discussion

Exclusive webinar on efficient milking and herd potential by ADF Milking

“Maximising herd potential through gentle and efficient milking, with exclusive insights into revolutionary milking technology”


Join ADF Milking and other industry experts on Wednesday 28th April at 7:00pm for a drink and a chat about the importance of milk yield and the effects of gentle and efficient milking.

Find out the key to success from industry experts and leading dairy farmers, as well as how to avoid teat congestion and teat damage. With an exclusive insight into the latest, ground breaking technology from ADF Milking which will revolutionise milking efficiency. Hear it here first!

Guest speakers:

Ian Ohnstad, Dairy Group“Teat congestion and the effects on milk yield and milk let down”

James Lywood, Battlehurst Farm“Increasing herd size whilst saving time and improving cow health”

James Duke, ADF Milking“Maximising herd potential through gentle and efficient milking, with exclusive insights into revolutionary NEW milking technology”

Bill Higgins, Wilderley Hall Farms Ltd“How our herd has consistently achieved world class lifetime daily yields”

Keith Gue, Huddlestone Farmers Ltd“Milking routines and how we benefit”

Hosted by British Cattle Breeders Club Chairman Karen Wonnacott, the webinar will give you the chance to directly ask top industry professionals your questions about any aspect of dairy farming. A unique opportunity to pick the brains of some of our industry’s leading experts.

Don’t miss this exciting free webinar on the latest research and developments in milking technology.

Register now and we will send you a beer or cider and a limited edition ADF beer glass to enjoy whilst you join the discussion on ground breaking technology for the milking parlour – absolutely FREE!

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UPDATE: The full webinar is now available to watch on our Youtube account here.

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