Five cows standing in a green field
Herringbone milking parlour with cows being milked by yellow ADF clusters with blue overlay and Essential logo
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ADF Milking Cluster milking cows in the dairy parlour


With ADF you have peace of mind that you are supported by our extensive range of approved dealerships. No matter where your farm is located, an ADF Milking approved dealership with trained technicians is close to hand.

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“Our customers with ADF InVent are reporting excellent results – all, without exception, said cows were calmer and quieter. Some are getting an extra litre of milk per cow, with one producer seeing yields increase by two litres a cow. And not only are the cows milking out fully, but they’re also milking faster and with significantly fewer cases of mastitis and lower SCCs.”

James Duke
Founder of ADF Milking