Lance & Katherine Gillespie – Farm Owners

Lance and Katherine Gillespie have seen exceptional teat dip coverage since installing the ADF System on their dairy farm Table Flat Holdings in Kimbolton.


Lance and Katherine Gillespie from Table Flat Holdings in Kimbolton installed our Automatic Dipping & Flushing system on their dairy farm in April 2012 after hearing about it from their local dealer Bromley Dairy and Pumps. The couple have seen nothing but great results since installing our iconic yellow clusters onto their farm.

“The main reason for installing the ADF System was for the labour savings and more importantly the labour efficiency. As we added cup removers at the same time, the time saving benefits have been tremendous. For the bulk of the milking season we have one labour unit in the shed milking, which has freed time for other farming tasks.”

“Another benefit we have seen is the exceptional teat dip coverage. This has mean that teat condition has improved for sure. They soften quickly when transitioning from dry to milking cow, plus we add emollient early in the season.” The ADF System ensures that only the right amount of teat dip is used due to the accuracy of our dual injection feature. “With the accuracy and great coverage, there has been a reduction in the cost of teat dip.”

“Antibiotic use in many in the heifers has also reduced, saving us money on vet bills and medication. In addition to ADF, we teat seal all our incoming heifers 3-4 weeks prior to calving and all cows are teat sealed at dry off.”

Lance and Katherine have seen a reduction in mastitis cases, however this was not the reason for installing the ADF System. “This was an added benefit for us. We have noticed a reduction at the beginning of the season – with less cross contamination comes less mastitis.”

“Prior to ADF our somatic cell count sat at about 120-150 average for the season. Now, 7 years later we still sit around 110 to 150 for the season. I believe many other factors contribute to SCC over the season, for example labour and the weather.”

“Our staff love the ADF System. It gives them flexibility for their milking schedule and the system works very well with the other parts of the milking shed. The installation went very well and there was no hassle between milkings.”

“Overall, the ADF System is an excellent addition to the dairy operation creating an efficient milking system. We would absolutely recommend it to other farmers.”

Lance and Katherine have a 28 aside herringbone shed with 365 cows in their herd. They milk twice a day and produce 5,700 litres of milk per cow per year.

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