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ADF Hi-Tech and D4T teat dip. Performance and reliability

Post-milking teat dipping is considered the most effective practice for the control and prevention of mastitis. With the ADF system teats are dipped as the cluster is removed, ensuring optimum coverage of the teat for thorough bacteria kill and skin conditioning. For maximum performance ADF recommends Hi-Tech and D4T teat dips, specially formulated to work with ADF's unique Dip & Flush system.

ADF Hi-Tech

A superior product containing high quality ingredients which are incredibly effective at tackling bacteria, rendering 99.99% of bacterial cells dead within 30 seconds. However, whilst the product is ruthless against environmental and contagious pathogens, the film forming emollient formulation gives a long-lasting protective coat and superb silky teat condition.

Other benefits and features of ADF Hi-Tech include:

  • Barrier protection between milkings provided by protective viscous film
  • 5-log kill (1 in 100,000 survival rate)
  • 0.28& w/v available iodine active compound
  • EN1656 compliant
  • Low drip = less product wastage
  • Ready-to-use - no unnecessary mixing;
  • Available in 950 litre pack size


A robust iodine disinfectant with skin conditioning agents that offers great value without compromise. Its ready to use iodophor formulation offers an excellent wide spectrum bacteria kill, in all conditions, complemented by a blend of soothing emollients to offer consistent protection to your dairy herd.

Other benefits and features of ADF D4T include:

  • Wide spectrum bacteria kill
  • Emollients to ensure great teat condition
  • Meets EN1656 standards
  • Available in 950 litre pack size

For further information please download ADF teat dip leaflet

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