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Questions and answers about Automatic Dipping and Flushing, ADF Milking System
How does this differ from other systems?
ADF is the world’s only in-cluster dipping and flushing system available and is covered by patents.

How quickly will I get a return on investment?
This will vary but typically within a year. Try our savings calculator.

What will fitting ADF do for my milk quality?
ADF helps produce cleaner milk and can reduce somatic cell counts and IMI’s. ADF customers are winning premium milk supply contracts.

How much time will I save?
Time and motion studies carried out by The Dairy Group have shown time saved to be in excess of the time taken to dip and flush, this is attributed to time saved from a more structured milking routine.

Will ADF save time in the parlour?
Yes it will. ADF requires no user intervention, you no longer have to dip teats or clean contaminated clusters. This frees up time to concentrate on milking.

Will ADF save me money on teat dip?
Accurate and consistent dip placement ensures the dip costs when using ADF are about half that of conventional spraying.

Why is it important to dip teats so soon after milking?
Teats are most vulnerable to infection immediately after milking. Dipping teats as the cluster is removed prevents harmful bacteria entering the teat canal.

How does ADF give teat condition?
As soon as milking is finished the teat’s skin pores are open allowing the dip and emollient to work more effectively. This helps maintain healthy teats.

Will ADF fit my parlour?
ADF can be fitted to any parlour. It integrates neatly and complements existing parlour automation.