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What are farmers saying about Automatic Dipping and Flushing from ADF Milking

The ADF Milking System not only offers a cost benefit but also a time and stress benefit.

“Demand for greater speed and efficiency led us to ADF Milking,” Philip Green of R G Green & Son in Staffordshire explains the motivating factors behind their selection of the ADF Dipping and Flushing System – and the further benefits they have enjoyed since.

“Prior to installing the ADF system in February 2009 we were having trouble with our somatic cell counts,” says Philip.

“We were manually pre-wiping and it was taking a lot of time. We knew we had to improve the speed and efficiency of our milking process and began looking for solutions. We went with the ADF System mainly because of it’s unique post dipping feature.

“Since we have had the ADF System we have reduced the time spent in the milking process, which means we have been able to increase our cow numbers from 120 to 170,” says Philip, who has a Herringbone parlour and milks twice a day.

“We have also seen a reduction in the actual cases of mastitis from ten cases a month to approximately two which means the ADF system offers not only a cost benefit but a time and stress benefit.

“The installation went well and the ADF system works very well with our existing parts, despite the fact that we have quite an old fashioned parlour. There have been no problems. The ADF system isn’t cheap but straight away you see the benefits of the product. Knowing that the cows are dipped properly far outweighs the cost.”

Staffordshire, UK

Philip Green

Parlour Type

Installation Date
February 2009