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What are farmers saying about Automatic Dipping and Flushing from ADF Milking

“If you’re dragging your heels about whether to buy the ADF System or not you should try manually dipping for a while – you’ll soon make up your mind!”

Susan Howie’s hands on approach to dairy farming led to her decision to install ADF – and now she would not be without it. Susan farms Park Lodge Farm Centre in Middlesex with her husband Iain, milking 110 cows twice a day and producing 1,500 litres per day.

“A number of years ago we brought some cows that had staph aureus and we knew that the ADF System was the best way to get rid of it and to stop cross-contamination,”  explains Susan.

Despite knowing this Susan admits she still wasn’t convinced. “My husband was already persuaded but I was the one dragging my heels because of the cost. I thought it would financially push us to the limit. So I decided to take care of the dipping and teat washing myself. I only lasted three weeks. My arms were red raw and dipping manually slowed up the whole milking process. After three weeks I told my husband to go ahead with ADF. Having manually dipped and washed teats myself I could never ask someone else to do it – it wouldn’t be fair. It’s a tedious job.

“As it turned out it didn’t stretch us financially at all,” continues Susan. “We leased the system over 5 years with Contract Hire and the savings we made right from the very beginning meant we were better off each month.

“I’ve noticed that our chemical and Iodine usage has dropped because we are now only using what we need, and having the ADF system frees up a man to do other jobs. We’ve had the ADF system installed for over 5 years now – and I wouldn’t be without it. It has worked fine and we have not had to update or repair it during that time.”

Susan and Iain have a rotary parlour and say the installation went very smoothly. “The solenoids in the ADF System are the same as in our existing parts so we can swap them about and we don’t need to run with many spares. It is has proved to be extremely reliable and it’s also easy to keep clean.”

“We wouldn’t go away from ADF now,” says Susan. “It means we do not have to worry about what cows might have when we buy them because we know that with the ADF System there is no risk of cross-contamination. Before we had the ADF System we would have had to dry off cows that we shouldn’t have been. Now we don’t have too.

“We’ve had a lot of visitors to the farm who have come to look at the ADF System. I am always happy to show fellow farmers the ADF System in action. I think it’s important for farmers to be open with each other, discuss their experiences and learn from one another.”

Middlesex, UK

Iain & Susan Howie

Parlour Type

Installation Date
April 2007