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What are farmers saying about Automatic Dipping and Flushing from ADF Milking

Immediately after installing the ADF system, our cell counts dropped from 250 to 160 – a very marked effect on cow health.  And with the easier and gentler removal of the cluster, the cows are definitely more comfortable after milking.

The system’s efficiency and effectiveness gives real peace of mind.  I have complete confidence that every cow is going to be dipped regardless of who is doing the milking.  Everyone involved is much happier – it has taken the thinking out of the milking routine.

Installation is easy and was completed between milkings over two days.  It is definitely money well spent…what was once a two-man job is now easily a one-man job.  If I took on another parlour, the ADF system would be one of the first things I’d install.

ADF is an innovative company – it has produced one of the best advancements in milking.  I wish I’d bought it earlier!

Shropshire, UK

Andrew Dale

Parlour Type
Rotary, Internal

Installation Date
August 2008