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What are farmers saying about Automatic Dipping and Flushing from ADF Milking

Before we had the ADF system our cell counts had been through the roof.  Since installing the ADF system we’ve never lost money due to cell counts – and with the elimination of cross-contamination and reduction of mastitis cases, the system is starting to pay for itself.

We’ve got a 10/20 swing-over parlour so manual dipping was very time-consuming and there would be a delay in getting every cow dipped.  Some people would argue that if you wait a few minutes before dipping then you might as well not bother.  But with the ADF system, you know that all teats are being dipped thoroughly and immediately.  The resulting reduction in mastitis cases has impressed me.  We’ve cut our vet bills – and the time spent on quarantined cows has reduced dramatically.

The ADF system has made the milking process more efficient and has freed up our time to do other things.  It is very easy to use and was installed over 2 days between milkings.

I’m happy to have ADF on my farm – it’s working well for us.

Derbyshire, UK

Rob Goodwin

Parlour Type

Installation Date
December 2008