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What are farmers saying about Automatic Dipping and Flushing from ADF Milking

Contract Hire Made ADF Possible for Us
The introduction of contract hire has made it possible for Rob Cambidge to install the ADF Milking system in his diary parlour and he wishes he had installed it earlier!

“We first looked at installing the ADF System three years ago,” explains Rob who farms with his brother Keith at High Hall Farm in Shropshire. “But decided we couldn’t afford it at the time. When the opportunity to contract hire came along we went with it.”

Rob and Keith had the ADF system installed in December 2011, prior to that they were manually flushing with peracetic acid before milking and manually spraying the teats with iodine afterwards. “An immediate benefit of ADF was that it sped up the milking and we had a greater throughput of cows,” says Rob. “We knocked half an hour off the milking time from day one. Since then it has helped with cow numbers as we have been able to increase the size of the herd. We now have more cows, producing more litres.”

Rob and his brother have a Herringbone parlour with 140 cows going through twice a day. The installation of the ADF system went very smoothly and could be done in a day. The existing parts of the parlour and the ADF system have complemented each other well, despite the fact that the existing milking system has been there for over eighteen years.

“We looked at competitor products but decided if we were going to spend that amount of money we wanted it to do two jobs – not just flush. ADF is the only one that does that.” Rob continues, “Since we installed ADF we have had a definite reduction on cell counts, which we attribute to the installation of the ADF system as well as our change to sand cubicles over last winter. I am definitely pleased with the ADF Milking system, in fact we should have done it years ago when we first looked at it.”

Shropshire, UK

Rob Cambidge

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Installation Date
December 2011