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ADF Milking system in the news and at exhibitions

Paper on ADFmilking delivered at World Mastitis Conference

At this year?s World Mastitis Conference in Christchurch, Ian Ohnstad, a leading international dairy industry consultant with UK Company The Dairy Group, presented a paper on ADFmilking to attendees.

Mr Ohnstad explained some of the reasons why dairy farmers would decide to invest in technology such as ADF. These included expected improvements in herd somatic cell count (SCC), reduction in the new mastitis infection rates and improved efficiency in the milking routine.

In his introduction Mr Ohnstad said any improvement in the efficiency of the work routine could lead to a reduction in overall milking time and less stress on the operator or the release of time to concentrate on other essential elements of the routine. He quantified the potential effi ciency gains that can be achieved by fitting ADF from results of a time and motion study that had been carried out in the UK.

Results from the study showed a marked reduction in milking time after the installation of the ADF system compared with traditional post – milking routines that can be time consuming and often prone to human error. Thanks to the perfect timing of the ADF System, which immediately protects the open teat canal by sanitising it after milking, the risk of infection is greatly reduced and cross contamination between cows is controlled. The study showed farmers using the ADF system were saving money, and spending less time treating mastitis.