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ADF means one less person in the dairy shed for Richard and Christine Lansdaal

One less person in the milking shed

Christine and Richard Lansdaal only installed the ADF (automatic dipping and flushing) milking system in April 2012 but are already impressed with its effectiveness.

Farming for the past 18 years on their 205ha farm near Morrinsville in Waikato, they purchased ADF because they wanted an all-in-one teat spraying and sanitising system for their 680 herd of Jersey cows.
“Our cell counts were good, averaging around 79,000, but we were finding that it only took one heifer with mastitis for it to then spread to others”, says Christine. “So we installed ADF and it has stopped the spread dramatically, in fact, it has knocked our mastitis on the head entirely. It has given us peace of mind that we no longer need to worry about mastitis in the herd.

ADF has been a great investment for us – not only giving us peace of mind with mastitis and the fact that cell counts will continue to remain low – it has turned our 48-bale internal rotary shed into a one person unit. We no longer need a person dedicated to teat spraying – which is not a reliable way to do it anyway. Now we are confident that all teats, at every milking, are getting fully sanitised.”

The ADF system aims to reduce mastitis and its spread amongst the herd by automatically spraying the teats while the cups are still on the udder, directly after milking, while the teat canal is still open. After removal every liner is automatically sanitised. Within only 20 seconds from the end of milking, the cluster is ready for the next cow.

Image: ADF means one less person in the dairy shed for Richard and Christine Lansdaal

The ADF milking system can be installed on any type of dairy shed, either new or existing. To arrange a visit to your farm call ADF on 0800 233 645 or visit for further information.